AUKUYEE Fuse Beads, 12000 pcs 5mm Fuse Beads Kit 24 Colors f

AUKUYEE Fuse Beads, 12000 pcs 5mm Fuse Beads Kit 24 Colors f

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AUKUYEE Fuse Beads, 12000 pcs 5mm Fuse Beads Kit 24 Colors for Kids, Including 5 Ironing Paper, 3 Pegboards, Tweezers, Pattern Boards, Ironing Papers, Perler Beads Compatible Kit

✅【FUSE BEADS KITS COMBO ALL IN ONE】- More than 12000 fuse beads in big storage case, interlocking fuse beads pegboards, keychains, reusable ironing papers, tweezer, patterns and pet designs. Better quality product but less cost than other perler beads kit! Fuse beads kit with 24 different colors, comes everything you need for a creative and fun play. Lots of accessory pieces and various colors inspire more creative artwork possibilities.
✅【SAFETY COMES FIRST】- Safety is our top priority and this is why we make sure that the 5mm beads are made with the best and safest materials. The beads are made with food grade EVA complies with international standards. Beware the choking hazard. The kit comes with clear instructions of use for best results.
✅【PREMIUM QUALITY】- This is a new upgrade fuse beads that retain the gloss and cut of hard beans, as well as the solid quality of the three-dimensional shape and the toughness of soft beans, which can be bent and not easily broken.
✅【CREATIVITY AND FUN】- Our kits will help you to create incredible 2D and 3D art works. It also will encourage children to exercises their muscles, coordination, inspire their brain development. Adult can also enjoy it as stress release and leisure hobbit. It is also a great social tool to connect the people around you to enjoy the fun together.
✅【IDEAL GIFT】- Perfect for boys & girls who love arts and crafts work aged 5,6,7,8 and older. We believe this gift box will bring happiness to you and the one you loved at Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Celebrations etc.

Trying to get your kids some away from the screen time?
Why not give them a hobby that they will surely love and have fun!
Why not introduce your kids to Arts and Craft for kids.
Introduce them to AUKUYEE Fuse Beads Starter Kit for Kids!
Arts and crafts are perfect for helping children to develop skills across a range of developmental areas. Here are the four main developmental benefits of crafting and beading for children that allow them to practice and strengthen their most essential skills.
AUKUYEE Fuse Beads started kit Contains:
1*Gift Box
1*Fuse Beads Kit(24 colors,4000pcs)
1*Pattern Book(50 different patterns)
1*Square Pegboards
1*Round Pegboards
1*Hexagon Pegboards
5*Reusable Ironing Paper
4 * Package replacement fuse beads(2000pcs red/green/white/black)

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